All photography provided by Bee Cooking

Simply put, we make food simply delicious and simply easy.  Bee Cooking was started with the idea that more people should be eating together - embracing the soul nourishing experience of enjoying food with loved ones.


What does that mean to you?  We offer services that will provide you with the tools to do just that.  Fun. Food. Togetherness. 


Cooking classes

Group? Single? Family?

Yes. Yes. Yes.  

We have a group in "Meetup" if you just want to be social (Ventura Cooking Classes), but otherwise we offer group classes, single instruction, and family classes.  These are held in a professional kitchen or a home kitchen.  The choice is yours! Curriculum can be standard classes (for example: "going away to college" or "I am a bachelor" or "Help! My child is now a vegetarian" or "Batchelorette party!!!") or they can be tailor made for your wants and needs. 



Just what it sounds like.  Need a chef?  We can help.  From weekly visits to stock your refrigerator with meals for the week to one time dinners to date night, give us a call.  We would love to be your personal chef. 


BOUTIQUE catering

Exceptional catering for small events.  We like to keep our events under 80 people so that we can handcraft everything, from the flowers on the tables, to the homemade from scratch cookies. Full service catering, buffet, or drop off catering is what we do.  Let us celebrate with you!



Life gets busy.  

That doesn't mean that you cannot eat home made food.  Bee Cooking offers either ready made crafted items or 3/4 cooked items that you can quickly and easily finish off and call your own.  Perfect for pot lucks or just looking like a rock star.  When is the last time you had time to make a pan of lasagna?  Well, now you do.  With a little help.  

Melissa catered a party I had for approximately 40 guests. She decorated the table beautifully and ALL the food was delicious! My guests all commented on the fantastic food. Melissa and her assistant were attentive throughout the evening to make certain that all of the food was regularly replenished, fresh, and hot. I would highly recommend Bee Cooking for any event!!
— Lynn S.